Mani is extended in the middle cape of South Peloponnese and is located between the Laconian and Messinian Gulf.

It involves 98 out of 118 traditional settlements of Peloponnese and it is characterized for its Tower cities, its multiple byzantine and post-byzantine little churches, the fierce, stoned landscape, the ancient, arcane remnants, the steep rocks, the wind and the stone but also the light, the prickly pears, the bush places, the olives, the stunning sea and the caves with the paleoanthropological and Neolithic findings.

The area oriented by Oitilos and Kotronas to the Tainaro cape is located at the interior of the Messinian Gulf and is the less secular aspect of Mani. It is characterized by the fierce landscape with the high and rough mountains, the rocky and inaccessible coasts and is called Mesa Mani. It is separated to “Prosiliaki” (east side) and the “Aposkiaderi” (west side). The Cape Tainaro is the most south part of continental Greece.

During the Spring the scenery gets much sweeter with blooming fields with mulleins, chamomiles, freshly painted walls and Easter smells, sagerbrushes and daisies. The lush vegetation with the giant “thieves” enchant and take the visitors to fairytale worlds and princes.

During summer, the landscape gets dry, it takes gold and cuprum colors. A travelling experience that one should have live to understand the glory of nature in that south part of continental Greece.

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Cape Tainaro - Matapan

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Gerolimenas (Greek: Γερολιμένας) is a picturesque small coastal village and a community in the municipal unit of Oitylo, at the southern end of the Mani Peninsula, in Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece.

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Areopoli (Greek: Αρεόπολη, before 1912 also: Τσίμοβα - Tsimova), known as "Χειμαύα" (from Greek "Χειμαδιών") in the regional Maniot tongue,[3] is a town on the Mani Peninsula, Laconia, Greece.

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Vatheia (Greek: Βάθεια, Greek pronunciation: ['vaθja], also Vathia) is a village on the Mani Peninsula,in south-eastern Laconia. The local community of Vatheia is named after this village. The aforementioned local community is a subdivision of the municipal unit of Oitylo. It is known for its tower-houses built on a hill dominating the surrounding countryside.

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